East Tyrol is a real Paradise for mountain lovers.

The view of the 3000 meter high peaks are as least as fascinating, as the hidden wonders of the valleys and mountains. During hiking we can see glaciers, waterfalls, mountain creeks and lakes – there are plenty of trails starting from the valleys. Light walk or rock climbing – choose the one that fits to your taste. For cyclists the bike route along the river Isel is a comfortable terrain, but the steep mountain slopes also call them for more exciting adventures. Motorcycles can conquer even higher mountains – thanks to beautiful serpentine roads in good condition.

For those who like more extreme adventures we recommend rafting tours down the river Isel or paragliding. We are also happy to organize for our guests a Via Ferrata tour nearby. Both children and adults enjoy the long ride on the bobsled track or the adventure parks.




Favorite destinations


Hohe Tauern National Park

Central Europe’s largest national park and Europe’s second. Here visitors  can see the most beautiful side of the Alps. Nature is completely untouched within the national park, while the peripheral regions are characterized by environmentally conscious farming and harmonius coexistence with nature.



The Krimml waterfall


The Krimml Waterfalls, with a total height of 380 metres across three cascades, are the highest ones in Austria. Thundering falls, mysterious water vapor and breathtaking sights of the surrounding mountains.

Getting to the highest point is easy using the well maintained path, but already the lowest fall is providing visitors vith a magnificient view.





Grossglockner is Austria’s highest mountain (3798 meters). The breathtaking view from the summit is one of the farthest of all mountains in the Eastern Alps. Easy to approach by car, from the last parking the view is amazing. Hikers can choose from a great variaty of tours, aks for suggestions and offers at the hotel.

The Paszerze Austria’s most extended glacier lies on the Grossglockner’s eastern slope. The mountain is both a great winter and summer hiking destination, getting there is easy using the nice alpine panoramic road.






Lienz, the city of sunlight


One of the sunniest cities of Austria. Lies on the confluence of the rivers Isel and Drava, at the foot of the Hohe Tauern mountain range. The historical monuments of Lienz are almost unscarred despite the fact that it was totally bombed down during the second World War. The buildings of the downtown have been rebuilt. On the city’s main square located the Lieburg palace which was built in the 16th  century, hosting the city council now . About 1.5 km from here overlooking the area the castle of Schloss Bruck which was built in the second half of the 13th century. The place’s huge wellness spa is a one of the top attractions during both summer and winter.




Tristacher Lake


About 3km away from the city center, at the foot of the Dolomites of Lienz lies this pearl of beauty surrounded by tall mountain walls. The only natural lake of East Tyrol which is suitable for swimming in the summer but we recommend this only for cold water lovers since the water get above 5 degrees celsius only in the warmest months. The surrounding area of the lake is visited by lots of tourists. Many walking paths set off to the mountains and valleys of the Dolomites of Lienz. For visitors ready for more challenging routes we recommend climbing to the lake Laserz located 2260 meters above the sea level.




Biking route along the river Drava


Located at the Austrian part of the Drava river between Silian and Lavamünd. The biking route lies within a beautyful natural area around the lakes of Carinthia. The route is fully built without any significant elevation.





The 2700m long  Alpine Coaster is near to the Shloss (castle) of Lienz only 5km away from our hotel. From Lienz the Hochstein Gondola brings the adventure seekers to top of the nearly 3 km long track. Suitable for both children and adults with a top speed of 40km/h guarantees unforgottable moments.





Sportprograms in the neighborhood:


Rafting, canyoning: According to the Wild Water Classification WW. I – VI.



Via ferrata, rock climbing




Paragliging: starting points: Matrei, Sillian, Zettersfeld





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